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Monolith and totem signage

Monolith and totem signage is freestanding, usually used to advertise a company name, and are ideal for alerting customers to your location from a distance, thanks to their height. IVC Signs have completed an impressive number of projects involving totem and monolith signs, in a variety of venues across the UK, including airports, shopping centres, retail parks and refuelling stations.

We design and produce creative monolith and totem sign solutions with innovative and forward-thinking design ideas, utilising the newest materials and technologies in the industry. This structure provides an impressive platform to advertise on, and ensures that your brand catches the eye of customers, making sure they’ll never miss you.

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IVC Signs offer a bespoke design service, and can manufacture and install totem and monolith signs across the UK and Europe. Buy from us and you can confidently put your companies design ideas into production.

To find out more about our range of monolith and totem signage solutions, or to discuss your own design concept and budget, get in touch today.

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